Run 8 bit & 16 bit old DOS programs with DOSBOX

Hi friends in this post I have tried to solve very rare PC problem that how to run old Dos programs in advanced and upgraded  operating systems.
The programs which do not run on Windows 7/8 are BASIC,QBASIC, GWBASIC, OLD DOS GAMES.
Though these programs are not in use in professional fields because of most advanced programs present in market BUT in educational fields or in school course book QBASIC, GWBASIC etc DOS. related programs are still taught. So, this software I dedicate to all those students who use advanced OPERATING SYSTEM where they face trouble to run these programs.
  • Download DOSBox,
  •  Move GW basic or qbasic folder to your c:\ drive
  • Open DOSBox and type the following,
  •  Followed by enter each time:  TYPE THIS  mount c c:\ gwbasic 
       c: /gwbasic    

Same for QBASIC or other programs just put qbasic or any other program name in place where GWBASIC written.

NOTE:- every text should be in small letter.




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